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TECWS Pitch Deck Program

The first Summer Pitch Deck program was a success!
Stay tuned for our Summer 2021 Program!

Check out the info below from our 2020 Summer Pitch Deck Program:


This is an unprecedented, multi-disciplinary, accelerated workshop series developed and led by some of the best minds in Themed Entertainment.


This four week program will give those who are new to themed entertainment, an inside view into how the theme park design industry works. Each person will leave the program with an attraction portfolio pitch deck for an experience they created as a team. Just like how Creative Writers, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, and Associate Producers in the "Real World" work, participants will collaborate as a team, replicating the studio experience. And that's not all! Each team will be paired with an industry mentor to help guide them through the process.


TECWS thanks our founding sponsor for the Pitch Deck Program workshop,

The Bezark Company.

The following services are made possible by their sponsorship: 

  • The Bezark Company X TECWS Scholarship​​​​

  • Expanded storage and hosting

  • Automation and workflow support for the site

  • Email hosting

This program will require individual team members to lend their specific talents… here are the roles and what one should expect:


Creative Writer

The Creative Writer is responsible for collecting and curating creative ideas from the entire team and fleshing them out on paper. Experience premises, storyboard copy and various descriptions will be key contributions from this team member.


Illustrator | Concept Designer

The Illustrator will be responsible for bringing the words to life in visual form. From ideation sketching, developing experience POV’s, storyboards, and creating polished concept art, this team member will be responsible for developing the visual aspects of the experience. 


Graphic Designer

The look, feel and organization of a pitch deck is as important as the illustrations and writing. The Graphic Designer will take the lead on the aesthetics of the pitch deck ensuring the tone is reflected in the document itself. Other tasks may include logo, wayfinding and ad hoc graphic development.

Associate Producer

The Associate Producer has the tremendous responsibility of ensuring the creative deck meets clear milestone goals and is delivered on time. This includes managing timelines, scheduling meetings, developing clear action items and ensuring clear collaboration and communication happens between the team members. 

All team members are equal contributors in formulating the “Big Idea.” Anyone may provide feedback to others along the way, and it is up to team members to lead their specific task but be open to help and input from others during this workshop. Mentors will check in each week as a way to help resolve issues and fill in gaps of knowledge that may exist. 


While we may officially come together once a weekend for a couple of hours for milestones and lectures, it is expected that teammates will be working remotely 10-20 hours a week. 


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