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CEO | Founder TECA 

As an Art Director, a Concept Designer, an educator, and a dedicated volunteer in the themed entertainment community, I wanted to create a resource for folks who felt lost and isolated during the pandemic. Beginning with the Pitch Deck Program in Summer 2020, The TEC Workshop Series was born!

Seeing this overwhelming need for Themed Entertainment-specific educational resources for professional development, I joined with several seasoned veterans to create industry subject courses at a fraction of the cost of most specialty ateliers. We seek to unify our industry, facilitate peer support in a safe and inclusive space, and provide educational outreach to both students, underserved industry newcomers, and industry professionals. 

I feel just as passionate about this industry as I do about helping its community, and I hope The Themed Entertainment Creative Academy (formerly TEC Workshop Series) can be a continued source of inspiration and education for many years to come. 

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The Themed Entertainment Creative Academy is comprised of themed entertainment professionals who recognize a need for specific educational resources relating to careers within the industry. We believe in creating high quality educational experiences through access to industry mentors, carefully crafted content, and unforgettable peer connections.

As the themed entertainment industry continues to age and evolve, more and more trade information is lost every day. Industry masters and leaders retire with legacies of incredible work in their wake, but techniques and lessons disappear in their absence. Our goal is to become a conservatory of information: to preserve the past techniques and to look forward with new ideas, principles, and ideologies. 

The Themed Entertainment Creative Academy team feels it is crucial to our mission to also provide outreach to professionals at the very beginning of their careers. With the help of sponsors and mentors, we are creating additional workshops catered to beginning-career individuals of all backgrounds; it's important to respect the new generations of creators and artists-- they are the future of the themed entertainment industry! 

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