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January 08 2021

Meet Ten Francis

Master of Urban Planning 2021

My name is Ten Francis and I’m a multidisciplinary designer.

I design spaces and experiences through my intimate knowledge of human movement coupled with the multifaceted skills of an architecture student, urban planner, and multicultural explorer. This interdisciplinary approach allows me to discover and apply innovative ways to traditional and spatial design.

My goal as a future creator of movement-based architecture, habitable and equitable spaces, immersive environments, and visual experiences is to provide novel, memorable and life-changing experiences to all who encounter my work.

I’ve always loved the theme park industry but I did not discover I could make a career out of it until my Sophomore year of college. After that I slowly began to to gain experience in the industry, from doing competitions, networking, internships, to finally joining the amazing TECW programs!

My goal is to become a conceptual architect/master planner who tells untold stories of my background.

Nice to meet you all!

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