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January 07 2021

Meet Audrey Yoo

Student/Human Biology/ Class of 2022

I’m from East Lansing, Michigan. I’m currently studying human biology at Michigan State University because I was pre-med until a few months ago when I learned that themed entertainment was an option for creative-minded people. My current work is in bioarchaeology research through my college. I study ancient human skeletons to learn about the cultures that they came from. I also volunteer as a mental health advocate and peer-group leader through Spartan Support Network.
I’m super passionate about art, storytelling, and the themed entertainment industry. I’m still really new and learning my skills, but every minute I spend studying this industry is such a blast and super affirming of where I want to be. My gateway into themed entertainment was TEA. They provided me with so many resources and connections. I’m incredibly grateful to them for the work that they do. At this point, I’ve spoken with a lot of imagineers, artists, and students, all of whom have been wonderful and kind people. It’s such an amazing privilege to learn from them, and I hope we can work together in the future.

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