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The Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series is an unprecedented cross-disciplinary, collaborative workshop linking people who are new to themed enterta with experienced industry professionals. During the creative process; including but not limited to charrettes, brainstorms and working sessions, ideas will be collaboratively developed that are completely new and even revolutionary. Any idea exchanged during this process (even if not made public outside the workshop team) will be considered public domain. This includes, but is not limited to ideas related to story, ride systems, characters and aesthetics of any kind. Working sessions will be recorded and may be released public at a later date, for education purposes. By participating in this workshop series you release any legal and financial claim to intellectual property for anything developed or discussed during this process. 


This sounds scary, why are you saying this?

Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets are important in the themed entertainment industry. In order to foster an open environment for both the experienced industry professionals and participants we need to ensure this is a safe space, and that everyone will release their ownership of the ideas. 


What will happen to the content created from these workshops?

The content will be properly credited and posted in a public forum, such as a website. We want everyone to shine and for as many people to see it as possible!


What happens if our entire concept or an element of our idea shows up in a theme park in four years?

While incredibly unlikely, nothing. All of our ideas will become public domain. 

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