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(CLASS FULL)Creative Show Writing

Course Price

Course length

$150 USD


Start Date

(CLASS FULL) Saturday August 15, 2020


12:30PM-2:30PM PST


Every Saturday at listed time until final class on September 12, 2020

(CLASS FULL)Creative Show Writing


Robert Coker

Robert Coker is a themed entertainment creative and show writer at Super 78 Studios (, author of the book “Roller Coasters: A Thrill Seeker’s Guide To The Ultimate Scream Machines,” co-host of The Season Pass podcast (, and creator of the ThrillRide! website (

About the course

Over this five-week workshop, participants will each create a guest experience narrative, learning about or refreshing their familiarity with:

• Core storytelling rules (and why to break them)
• Elements of a guest experience script
• Defining the guests’ role
• The big “Wow!” moments
• Different levels of interactivity
• Working with IP vs. “blank page” creative
• The “nuts and bolts” issues

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