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(CLASS FULL) Sound Design and Music for Themed Entertainment

Course Price

Course length

$150 USD


Start Date

Saturday August 15, 2020


3:00PM-5:00PM PST


Every Saturday at listed time until final class on September 12, 2020

(CLASS FULL) Sound Design and Music for Themed Entertainment


Andy Garfield

A twenty five year veteran of the entertainment industry, Andy began his career at Walt Disney
Imagineering's Media Production department. Since then, Andy has worked with such luminaries as Steven Spielberg and James Cameron on interactive media projects, composed music for feature films such as FROZEN(2010) and has been instrumental in creating the media for major themed entertainment projects around the world. Recent projects include the site mix for the Thea Award™ winning interactive dark ride: Popcorn Revenge at Walibi Belgium, music and sound for the Thea
Award™ winning Warner Brothers World, Abu Dhabi, The Gods of Egypt VR Coaster at Lionsgate Entertainment World in Hengquin China, the Marathon of Mayhem lagoon shows at Universal Studios Orlando and numerous other confidential projects opening soon.
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About the course

Week One:
How does music and sound transform a space? We will explore the various historical and modern uses of audio to enhance an experience and tell a story. Case Studies: Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, California.

Week Two:
Interactive Attractions: From Immersive Theater to 4D interactive dark rides.

How technology and
techniques from the worlds of theater and video game audio are used in various attractions. Case
Studies: “Sleep No More”: NY, NY and “Dragons Wild Shooting” at Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea.

Week Three:
Parades, Live Shows and Spectaculars are some of the most memorable experiences guests have at theme parks.

Discover the evolution of these complex productions, how they actually work and their
surprising theatrical and religious roots. With special guest(s). Class projects will also be assigned.

Week Four:
Let's get (a little) technical.

While we have covered some of the general technical aspects of attractions and shows in previous weeks, this week we will take a deeper dive into the audio design and production process from beginning to end. We'll look at scripts, animatics, actual audio system design packages, budgets and when and why certain decisions are made about equipment as it relates to ride and show systems in attractions, and how it all comes together on site. There will also be a brief overview of audio editing and mixing software as related to audio production and the Class

Week Five:
Presentation and review of Class Projects.

We'll look at each other's projects and talk about what works and what doesn't and why, just like a client review! It's fun! And time permitting, a general Themed Entertainment audio “AMA”.

Software Requirements:
Any multi-track audio editing DAW. Audacity and Garage Band are free and easy to use!

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