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(CLASS FULL) Intro to 3D Design for Themed Entertainment

Course Price

Course length

$150 USD


Start Date

Saturday August 15, 2020


9:30AM-11:30AM PST


Every Saturday at listed time until final class on September 12, 2020

(CLASS FULL) Intro to 3D Design for Themed Entertainment


Bill Kivi

Bill is a story focused Designer, Art Director, and CG Animation Director of interactive dark rides and attractions for the themed entertainment industry. He has 13 years of design experience and for the last 5 years, he has contributed to award-winning interactive dark rides design, build, and installation for clients and brands such as Warner Bros., DC Comics, Sesame Workshop, Paws, Six Flags, PortAventura World, Hershey Park, Sally Dark Rides, and many others. He holds an MFA in Animation from SCAD and taught 3D Animation coursework for The Art Institutes for a number of years. He is currently working as a freelance Designer, Art Director, and Consultant for the themed entertainment industry.

About the course

Introduction to 3D design for Themed Entertainment will focus on using 3DS Max as a concept to production design tool to create visuals for concept decks and client review as well as final export of models as AutoCad files for scenic production drawing guides.

Items covered:

Reference collection
Concept sketch
Intro to modeling
When to model and when to buy/find assets - and where they can be found
Massing models/Previs model
Pitfalls and general rules of thumb to follow
Modeling to scale and Unit set up - how to quickly test scale and sightlines
Applying basic textures to objects and lights
Rendering image and file export to .dwg - AutoCAD file format

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