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Jamie Bartkowicz (She/Her)

Supervisor of Production Design

Jamie has spent the last 5 years working at Universal Studios Hollywood as part of the Entertainment Production department. She works on the Art & Design team for various projects, from seasonal events to park decor. However, Halloween is everyday for Jamie since her primary role is working on creating Halloween Horror Nights year round

Adam Bezark (He/Him)

President | Creative Director The Bezark Company

Adam J. Bezark is President and Creative Director of The Bezark Company, Inc., a Los Angeles creative studio dedicated to high end immersive experiences: rides and attractions, live entertainment and spectacular events, visitor exhibits, and specialty media. Bezark is credited with key creative roles on numerous attractions such as Epcot’s Illuminations; Terminator 2: 3D; Jurassic Park The Ride; JAWS The Ride; The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man; and the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure ride at Shanghai Disneyland. The Bezark team is currently engaged on major new projects in the USA, Asia and the Middle East. 


Adam Bezark 1.jpg

Dave Cobb (He/Him)

Experience Designer, Writer & Creative Director

Dave Cobb is a writer, creative director and designer of immersive experiences that tell stories in physical places: theme parks, rides, attractions, museums, live shows and events. He has spent nearly three decades combining location, technology, emotion and interactivity to engage and excite audiences in new and unique ways, collaborating with brands and companies like Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, and Thinkwell Group.

Robert Coker (He/Him)

Senior Creative/ Show Writer

Robert Coker is a themed entertainment creative and show writer at Super 78 Studios (, author of the book “Roller Coasters: A Thrill Seeker’s Guide To The Ultimate Scream Machines,” co-host of The Season Pass podcast (, and creator of the ThrillRide! website (


Morgane Keesling (She/Her)

Art Director | Concept Designer | Creator TECWS

Morgane has spent the last 10 years as a concept designer and art director, and has designed everything from animatronic characters to stage shows, live events, to museum experiences. She also teaches at Long Beach State University and loves being involved in the career development of up-and-coming professionals in the Themed Entertainment industry. Morgane currently works as the art director for Super 78 Studios.

Patrick Kling (He/Him)

Art Director | Founding Organizer TECDWS

Patrick is an effervescent creative leader who rose from the ranks of Theme Park operations. Since his humble days as a Star Tours Flight Attendant, Patrick has collaborated from concept to opening on state-of-the-art attractions, exhibits and even entire Theme Parks. Patrick now focuses on Story Development and Art direction for Nickelodeon Experience Design.


Shannon Knox (She/Her)

Immersive Scenic and Concept Designer

Shannon is a scenic designer and concept developer for immersive entertainment- Over the past several years, she's worked in experiential marketing, themed entertainment, opera and theater- most recently, at Giantspoon where she designed large immersive experiences for AMC's 'The Walking Dead', The Happytime Murders,  Mortal Kombat 11, Twitch and NBC's 'Songland'. 


Natalie Nielsen (She/They)

Project Manager | Graphic Designer

Natalie has spent the last 6 years working as a project coordinator, media producer, and graphic designer for everything from flying theaters to chocolate tasting experiences. Currently she works as a Project Manager at On Track Themes.  She is always excited to work with young professionals to not only understand how we do what we do in this industry, but also understand why the result is so effective and impactful for guests. When she is not contemplating existence, she manages the madness at her parody Disney Parks blog, Disnerland.


Nicolle Figueroa Rosado (She/Her)

Project + Production Coordinator, Attractions + Exhibits

Nicolle is a project manager and producer with a passion for stories. She began her career in the Museums
industry, where she developed, managed and executed a wide range of guest experiences, including:
events, live shows, and learning programs. She now manages several projects internationally for
Nickelodeon Experience Design, overseeing every phase from concept to completion.



Nick Farmer (He/ Him)

Art Director | Concept & Experience Designer | Empath

Nick is an experience designer, art director, and visual storyteller within the themed entertainment industry. He has spent the last 5+ years contributing to over 100 projects and delights in playing within the worlds he often daydreamed about in his childhood. With a background in theatrical scenic design and film production, Nick enjoys the challenge of breaking down the biggest conceptual ideas into the smallest design details and forming visual narratives for guests to explore and emotionally resonate with. He has had the pleasure of working for clients such as Warner Bros., NBC Universal, Lionsgate, Cirque du Soleil, Nickelodeon, & Google and currently works as a freelance Art Director for design studios across the globe.

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