TECWS Creative Engineering Workshop


Through this multi-week program, participants will be mentored from some of the best in the theme park engineering industry. How does a Theme Park project ACTUALLY come to life anyway? Participants will learn the ins and out to bringing the vision to life. With the guidance of an industry veteran, teams will work together to solve an engineering problem, all while getting a crash course in themed experience design. If you have an interest in learning how projects come to life, this program is for you! 

This program is made possible through the generous support of Animax Designs. 


TECWS thanks our sponsor for the Creative Engineering Workshop,

Animax Designs.


This program will require individual team members to lend their specific talents… here are the roles and what one should expect:

Title 1

The Creative Writer is responsible for collecting and curating creative ideas from the entire team and fleshing them out on paper. Experience premises, storyboard copy and various descriptions will be key contributions from this team member.


Title 2

The Illustrator will be responsible for bringing the words to life in visual form. From ideation sketching, developing experience POV’s, storyboards, and creating polished concept art, this team member will be responsible for developing the visual aspects of the experience. 


Title 3

The look, feel and organization of a pitch deck is as important as the illustrations and writing. The Graphic Designer will take the lead on the aesthetics of the pitch deck ensuring the tone is reflected in the document itself. Other tasks may include logo, wayfinding and ad hoc graphic development.

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